Monday, May 4, 2009

COTA Departments Gather Together at "Fusion" Saturday Night

The Fusion event was a huge turnout on Saturday, visitors consisted of CSULB students and people from the community.

Above and below are various print work presented at Fusion by art students

Nadine Flores, a senior in film and photography

Dominos Affect Dance Company
The Widow Babies Band
The Alive Theater Group
The Florida Orange Band logo

Students and alumni from the College of the Arts (COTA) at CSULB had a chance to shine at Fusion, an event that allowed exposure of everyone’s work without competition on Saturday in Downtown Long Beach.

“My objective for Fusion is to build relationships between all of COTA’s departments,” said Department Manager for the Education Department at Center Theatre Group in Downtown Los Angeles, Patricia Garza, creator of Fusion.

Fusion had 40 artists displaying almost 100 displays of paintings, photography and drawings, according to Sonia Otero, a senior in painting.
The evening began with a series of films with some topics that concern the environment. For instance, a film showed how polluted the Los Angeles River is and how wildlife puts up with the ordeal.
Next, a series of bands came to Fusion to share the art of music. There were 20 different performances made possible by bands: The Florida Orange Band, The Widow Babies, China Smoke and Ashley the Ten.

Additionally, a group of alumni from the Theatre Arts Department presented Alive Theater, according to Garza.

The event ended a performance by Domino Affect Dance Company, created by a group of alumni from the Dance Department.

Students in poetry, acting and stand up comedy also shared their talents at Fusion. “ Laughter is such a wonderful thing and it is so infectious that it just makes me so happy to see so many people laughing, and knowing I was able to make them do so,” Comedian William Sterling, a senior in film and electronic arts production, said. “Bringing people together is a big thing for me, and being able to bring them together for something they can enjoy is what Fusion is all about.”

Garza founded Fusion because she passionately believes in collaboration. “I define myself as an artist in the sense that I am skilled at creating and producing events,” Garza said. “I think we need to grow as a community of artists and work together to build up our arts patrons in general.”

Nadine Flores, a junior in film and photography, said, “You never know, if the city recognizes CSULB’s talent in art, theater, music, print and film, this event could become bigger next year.”

“I want COTA to be a force for good and one that's known all across the nation and throughout the world,” Sterling said. “In a day and age where we've become obsessed with financial success and the constant need for higher and higher education, art is like that part of your brain that says ‘Listen, buddy, take a break. Watch a movie, listen to a song, read a book, just relax.’ Remember that life isn't all work and no play."